This Place Matters


The City of Excelsior Springs prepared a Request for Proposal on the Hall of Waters in 2016 to seek a unique partnership for redevelopment. Discussion with the local towns people made it clear that they did not want the city to sell (or give away) the Hall of Waters for private use. It was important that it remain open to the public and owned by the public.

The Hall of Waters is owned by the City, which spends $104,000 annually for utilities, insurance, minor repairs and custodial services. The Museum, owned by a non-profit, spends about $16,000 a year for the same.

Both are architecturally beautiful and important buildings to our community. These places matter.

Excelsior Springs is not just any place to visit, it is some place!

Tourists are attracted to our town because we offer unique places and things to see and do. Our Main Street organization, Downtown Excelsior Partnership, reported that in 2017 more than 9,000 people came through our Visitor Center at the Hall of Waters.

Heritage Tourism grows our economy. Tourism is one of our critical industries. It supports our quality of life, as well as many jobs and businesses.

Why now?
The needs are real and are not going away.

The Museum Tax provides a dedicated funding source that both entities can rely upon to begin to tackle the need to maintain these buildings.