Such a Cool Experience I Had There

I fell in love with the town in general. The vault was a super cool experience. I’m just a major museum buff, lol.
Wanda D.

Amazing architecture

We spent an hour here (Hall of Waters), reading all about the history and looking for all the little details in the architecture and design of this historic building. The Water Bar area is the main area where tourists visit and where all the historic information is written on displays around the room. But there are art deco design elements and Mayan motifs throughout the building — inside and out. We asked if there was anything else to see, the volunteer told us where to find the old spa. It was also fascinating to see. This is one of my favorite buildings in Kansas City.
Laura G., Kansas City, Mo.

Lots of Fun Memories

Love going into that old bank building as a child, where my sister worked for many years. I believe the president of the bank was Mr. Cravens — I can still picture him with his huge mustache. Got to know Tommy Duncan there as well, and we became lifelong friends. Loved the vault and the beautiful paintings. Lots of fun memories in that building.
Pat S.

Visit to hometown

The Hall of Waters was always a big, impressive building when I was growing up in Excelsior. On a recent visit with my college age daughter, I wanted to show her everything. It’s kind of sad that it has been allowed to deteriorate. It is still an impressive place and the huge water bar is still a must see. We did not take a guided tour.
Brenda Kay J., Gardner, Kans.

Museum Archives

The people who work there were very helpful to me when I wanted to do some research about the town when I first moved here and again later when I did research for a mural.
Clary R.